First Medical Doctor

Dr. Sita Boodhoo

Growing up, many little boys and girls want to become doctors. But not many can claim that they were among the select few to achieve this while living in an age where men were the doctors and women were at home. Nor can they claim to be one of the first women of Indian descent to achieve this. However, Sita Boodhoo can make both claims!

Sita Boodhoo was born and raised as a Georgetown girl, hailing from Duke Street Kingston. She commenced her secondary education at the then, all girls Bishops’ High School. Upon completion of her secondary studies, she was determined to study medicine and was awarded a scholarship to Trinity School of Medicine – Dublin, Ireland. On completion of her medical studies, she returned to Guyana where she married Mr. Eustace Hanoman and took up a post at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where she was able to practice medicine and give back to her country. Whilst serving as a doctor to many, she gained another prestigious title; mother to four, three (3) boys and one (1) girl.Unfortunately, Sita Boodhoo succumbed to cancer in 1969 after leading a short but productive life.

Sita Boodhoo Hanoman will be remembered as the ‘woman in the sari’, as it is said that she wore her sarees on a regular basis, even for work. But more importantly, she will always be a part of Guyanese history for her work in the medical field, for serving her country in an era when women were not as recognised as they are today for being pillars in the working world and for being one of the first women of Indian descent to earn the designation “Doctor”.